All beginning students are entitled to a free trial class. Bookings are recommended but not required. You can also come along just to watch during any scheduled class.

Adults pay fortnightly by direct debit or a payment of 3 or 6 months in advance.  Payment per class is availale at a slighty higher rate.

This is a black belt dojo – we aim to cultivate a life long devotion to perfection in the art. Fees are therefore structured to encourage commitment. By training regularly without extended breaks, students will get the most out of their training and progress rapidly in a martial art that can otherwise be difficult for beginners.

Private ClassesSeminars and Workshops (including school workshops) are available for individuals or groups. Contact us for prices and available times.

Training Uniform

keikogi or gi is necessary as training is tough on clothes, although you can wait a little while before purchasing. Adult gcome with ki fusion logo on the back collar and a symbol on the sleeve representing an Aikido principle. Kids gi come with the ki fusion logo on the back collar.

  • Adult (heavy duty) $140 (with 2 logos)
  • Kids (lightweight) $65 (1 logo)